culture - batik
BATIK is a part of Indonesian culture (as recognized by UNESCO as Indonesia’s intangible world heritage on October 2, 2009). Every region in Indonesia has its own unique patterns and absorbs influence from Javanese, Arab, and Chinese cultures. This one being displayed originally comes from Garut.
culture - batik
BATIK is a cloth that is traditionally made using a manual wax-resist dyeing technique. These women in Cirebon are applying melted wax with ‘canting’ tool, while the man behind is working on copper block stamp as a method to apply wax on fabrics (stamping).
culture - batik
Despite its traditional background, BATIK now has become a fashion item for young people (with progressive colors, fabrics, and patterns). This dress here is designed to meet that particular need (displayed in the living room of my friend’s boutique house in Bogor).
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