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Freediving has become my new interest.  Since I managed to hold my breath (a.k.a static apnea) for about 3 minutes, then it’s also become my challenge to be able to dive into 5 meter deep and remain still down there.  Obviously, I need to use the weight belt to do so.  But it’s really worth it!

I’m now able to take pictures from down under, and it really is such a great experience for me to explore more.  It is an amazing feeling to be able to strike some aquatic poses where it’s nearly impossibly done during normal circumstances on land.

Hopefully I can do static apnea for more than 3 minutes in the near future.  Wish me luck!

freediving - into the blue4freediving - into the blue7freediving - into the blue3freediving - into the blue2

Also thanks to my friends who have participated in this underwater photo exercise.  You’re awesome, guys!

[taken at Gelora Bung Karno swimming pool, Senayan-Jakarta, January 2013]

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Freediving | Into The Blue
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15 thoughts on “Freediving | Into The Blue

  • February 5 at 08:33

    foto kedua diatas sengaja tuh, kesannya ga pake apa2.. :p

    ku biasa latihan di kolam renang maritim di cilandak.. abis senayan rame aja..
    keren udah bisa 3 menit bernafas?

    • February 5 at 11:40

      Hehe sengaja mbak 🙂 btw kolam renang maritim dalemnya brp meter mbak?

      Kalo freediver pro udah bisa tahan napas di atas 5 menit malah 🙂

    • February 5 at 11:43

      Kamu bisa! Dgn latihan tekun & semangat berlatih! 🙂 #pecut

        • February 5 at 12:38

          Hehe leather jacket made in Garut paling top lho kualitasnya

          *bukan pesan sponsor, ga ada hubungan sm Aceng*
          *ga ada hubungan sm freediving juga sih*

  • February 6 at 05:03

    Amazaing… you managed to hold your breath for about 3 minutes, then try to reach the target for 5 minutes. Good luck.

    • February 6 at 20:08

      aamiiiiin… trims mas Iwan! perjuangan msh panjang 😉

    • February 6 at 20:10

      ayo! lebih tepatnya komunitas sih, sila datang tiap akhir pekan ke Senayan 🙂

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